DJ (djtseliot13) wrote,

Extreme LJing

So, when's the last time you read a post on your friends page that was written from the middle of the Pacific Ocean? On a research vessel? Wooo! We finally got underway around 3pm HST after a morning spent refueling and waiting on one of the crew members. We took on 70,000 gallons of diesel fuel. That is a mind-boggling amount to me. Just wow.

Anyway, I've learned that I will be a video logger when Jason (the ROV) is down in the water. That's pretty awesome. The ship is rolling like a mother right now, but the seas are pretty darn calm. That's the ocean for you, I suppose. It's dinner time, so I should head over to the galley. I miss Benji, and I'm very happy to be here. Let's hope for continued good weather, etc. I think I'll have internet access the whole time I'm here. Rejoice! The connection is 56k, but's a lifeline. I'll be continuing to update volcanosummer, so keep it on your friends list, etc. Bye for now!
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