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Happy Anniversary to the best doggy ever.

7 years ago on February 7th, I went to the Maricopa County Animal Shelter. I had just moved to Arizona 2 days before, and I'd just freed myself from the flaming pile of crap that was my life in Massachusetts. I went in to the pound knowing that I had to find a dog under my new apartment complex's 25lb weight limit. Other than that, I was open. I came home with my dear sweet Roma.

I have loved her more every minute of every day since. Here's to at least double that many more years, sweet little girl. Every day that you have been my Roma Tomato has been the best day of my life. Thank you for being the most loving companion, best watchdog, amazing kitten babysitter, and greatest cuddler/licker ever. I love you always, RoRo. I hope you know just how irreplaceable and utterly perfect you are. ♥
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